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They Said…

“I’ve been seeing Dr. James for several years now and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be able to have continued an active lifestyle without his help. I’ve always been impressed with his straightforwardness and his willingness to be open to different kinds of treatment, while always focused on one thing: restoring my body to the state in which it is meant to be. Whether through chiropractic or acupuncture, I’ve always found Dr. James to be uncommonly receptive to my feedback and flexible in his approach.”


“The neurosurgeon wanted to put injections in my neck. The physician put me on morphine and Valium. After 2 adjustments, I feel Excellent! I can actually do the dishes without getting dizzy. I can carry my baby without having to sit down constantly. I can take a shower without having to use the shower stool. The ringing in my ears, that I’ve had for 2-3 weeks, is gone.”




“The tingling, numbness that I have had in my hands, every day, is Way better. WAY better! My shoulder has gotten so much better. I feel like I’m working without pain, which is a pleasure, because my work is fun. I feel like I know Jack! How I’m suppose to feel.”



“I just moved into an Assisted Living facility, and I noticed how many people who live here use canes or wheelchairs. They all look so old. I was wondering why I can move around so well, then it came to me. It’s because I received Chiropractic care from Dr. James. He is the reason I get around as well as I do.”

Pauline, age 93



“I was in 100% pain. No life but sleep with help of medicine. After 3 treatments with Dr. James, I am getting my life back. My pain is down to 10-20% and I am starting to exercise again. Thank goodness I found him.”




“I fell on black ice. Dr. James’ diagnosed my condition and over several weeks, working gently and consistently to cover all areas of the injury. As of today, I am 98% pain free and back to my normal activities. Pain is such a negative emotion. It is wonderful to bring pain to Dr. James and know he will relieve it.”


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