How To Select A Denver SEO Consultant

Dr. Tom James

In the continually evolving world of the internet, SEO is a challenge that only those with accurate information about the present and continual eye on the future can survive.

SEO Firm

Large SEO Firm?

Large SEO firms in Denver may look good on the surface, but are not always nimble enough to make immediate changes when they finally become aware of the introduction of new algorithms by Google. A small SEO consulting company  may be your best option for personalized service and attention to detail.

I work with a large number of such SEO Experts, who each work with a small number of clients. Together we are able to compile a database of thousands of successful websites. Simply put, we know what works.

When Google makes changes to the algorithms that determine the criteria for front page selection, we know immediately. We don’t have to wait months to find out what happened to our clients’ rankings, we immediately adapt and stay at the top of the search results of the most important search engine in the world, Google.

We have seen websites disappear, literally overnight, from the Google rankings because of the ill-informed activities of SEO consultants, firms and agencies. Brute force, underhanded tricks and ignorant tactics simply have not survived in today’s internet market.

How does your Denver SEO Consultant demonstrate expertise?

Website Analysis

Custom Web Analysis

Will they perform a full analysis of your website and those of your competitors?

I do!

How does your Denver SEO expert determine which keywords will be used in the strategy they propose?

I can show you the results that you are looking for a number of search terms. I say search terms rather than keywords for a very important reason. Even though keywords are still at the core of the search terms that people use to find your business, the keywords alone are not the answer. For lasting value, an  expert will be looking not only for the correct keywords, but also the phrases and other co-occurring words with latent semantic indexing potential that will be used well into the future.

Will the Consultant analyze your site’s design, structure, content and links?

I divide these into two groups: On-page and Off-page optimization.

In your Custom Website Audit, I address them both in detail.

Does the Expert analyze your competitors’ websites?

I do, because there is no sense in wasting money or time.

Your Custom Website Analysis will show what your competitors are doing and how best to get your site in front of the customers or clients that are looking for you.

Does the best SEO Consultant in Denver provide content that works, or work with yours?

Content is King, no doubt about it. As I mentioned before, keywords are just the starting point for content, and co-occurring words are key to ensuring the key words have contextual relevance. But remember that images also have impact, and video has even more.

SEO Consultant

SEO Consultant

If your site has been severely penalized or is poorly structured, it will need to be replaced. I know you don’t want to hear that, but in some cases it is not the best strategy, but the ONLY strategy that makes any sense. If you have no idea whether this is true, and we are a good fit, I can take a look and show you what needs to be done so that you can obtain the rankings you need.

Do they promise you they can get results in a few weeks?

If so, run. It just isn’t so, and they know it. SEO is a patient man’s game, and should be played like a game of chess, with strategies and tactics.

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