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Dr. Tom James

In the past, Internet Marketing Denver was an option. You didn’t necessarily need to include the internet in your marketing plan. Not the case today, is it?

Now, not only do you need to have a website, you need to have a website that is responsive to any device a potential customer or client might choose to use when they use a search engine to look for your business.

Mobile Internet Marketing Denver?

You may not have a mobile website, but you at least need one that is responsive to the device your prospective customer or client is using for a search.

In a survey of 3000 people who search locally, Neustar found the following:

“The research also indicates that PC-based searches increased slightly year-over-year in 2013, influenced by a 6 percent decline in searches on non-search engine websites. At the same time, the mobile phone and tablet audience is growing, and it represents a huge potential market: 79 percent of mobile phone users and 81 percent of tablet owners use those devices to search for local business information. As this practice becomes more routine, the less satisfied these users are with the process.

More than half the consumers in this survey, 54 percent, stress the importance of mobile site design. That should be a clarion call to the many vendors who still see mobile as a lower priority than their primary online offerings.”

Remember, you need to be found in the place your customer or client is searching, and increasingly that is a phone or a tablet.

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