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By Dr. Tom James
Are you still spending money on Denver SEO consultant services, without getting a return on your investment? Most local businesses are!

Denver SEO

SEO Investment?

Do you have a way to directly track the results of the efforts of  your Denver SEO Expert?

When I first started in private practice, people still used the Yellow Pages. (In fact, there are still some people who do, but their numbers are getting smaller every year.) I sincerely hope you are not one of them.

I recall the sales rep asking me to buy a larger ad every year, and promising that I would get more business from it. Finally, I told her I would!


YP Investment?


Yellow Pages would cover the increase in cost until it was proven that the telephone rang more often as a result. You know, set up another phone number that was only published in the ad, and compare the number of calls to the same month as last year. That way, we could see the promised improvement and I would be happy to pay for it.

They said NO!

That got me thinking…

Is there a reliable way to get in front of my target market, consistently convince them to pick up the phone and call, profitably provide more goods and services, increase my bottom line and track the whole process?

The answer is YES!

The Yellow pages are dead, but Internet Marketing is very much alive. And, if you have been able to find a top Denver SEO Consultant, you know that’s true…but maybe that hasn’t happened yet. Maybe, today, it has…

There are a few things you may not have asked yourself (or your  Denver SEO expert), that you need to know.

1. How do people look for you?

Search Engine opotimization


When someone with money in hand, and a buying intent, searches for your goods and/or services, what do they type in the search box?

Certainly, they are going to use keywords that are relevant to their needs. However, that ain’t all they will type.

And if all your website has been providing is a few key words, it is not working for you 24/7 like a good site should.

You may not have thought about it yet, but there are more searches done on tablets and cell phones than on desktop computers these days. Has your Colorado SEO company brought that to your attention?

How are those searches done?

People talk into cell phones that have search engines running and they ask questions, like:

  • Who builds the best fence in My City?
  • What is the best widget to take care of my Honey-Do today?
  • When is that store going to open this morning?
  • Where can I find a top notch lawyer for my case?
  • How can I get to that location?

Notice that the request was not just a word?  No, of course not, it is a string of words, or phrases. And that is how they look for you.

Is that how you prepare to be found in the Google search engine?

2. What do the search engines think of you?

SEO Search

Want To Know?

There are two parts – Off Page and On Page SEO


  • What other sites are linking to your site? One way the search engines look at your web site is in terms of who else like you. Does your site have a lot of friends?
  • Does your site have friends that are important? If your site has important friends, your site may be important as well. Keep in mind that your friends’ sites are also evaluated in the same way.
  • Are their sites relevant to yours? Just like your friends, it doesn’t matter what their names are, but it does matter what they have in them. So, keeping with the friend’s model, if all they talk about is space travel and they mention your site that is about ancient Greece, they may not be so relevant.
  • What words do those sites use to link to you? If your friends like you, they use nice words. If they don’t use appropriate words, maybe they shouldn’t be your friends.


This is where the preparation to be found is SO important. See, the search engines have an evaluation routine (algorithm) they go through in less than a millisecond when someone looks for you online. A good search engine marketing plan should take these into account.

Here’s a just few of the most important things the search engine sifts through:

  • Titles – Do the titles contain keywords that are relevant to the search?
  • Content – Is the content relevant? Are the words and phrases in the copy the same that are used for the search? Are there other words that are often used (co-occurrence) with your key words? That’s how the context is evaluated.
  • Web Site Structure – is your site built in such a way that the search engine knows EXACTLY what the site is about, or is it unclear? If Google isn’t sure, they will not dish your site up for the visitor to find.
  • Website Design – If the visitor to your site finds it too hard to use (Compared to other sites),they will leave quickly. This is called the bounce rate. A high bounce rate is not good! If that keeps happening, Google will not show your site!
  • Responsive Web Site -Remember when we talked about tablets and cell phones? What happens to your site when someone asks a question of the search engine on their phone? Does the size of your site change to fit? If all they see is your big ol’ site (that isn’t responsive), and they can’t use it, what do they do? That’s right, they bounce…
SEO Traffic

Getting Traffic?

3. Are you getting the ranking and traffic you deserve right now?

Are you getting found on Google where people are searching for you?

That goes to the first item I mentioned to you, the words and phrases people are using when they want to spend money. See why that is SO very important? If you don’t know those words and phrases, you don’t have a hope of evaluating or tracking.

If you don’t have a way to track this, you should. If you are working with a Denver SEO Company, they should be providing you with that kind of information on a monthly basis.

SEO Competition?

SEO Competition?

4. What are your competitors doing to beat you right now?

Are you up against Godzilla and his crew, or the Wizard of Oz and the flying monkeys? You need this information! That is how we determine how much time, money and energy it will take to secure the position you want in the Google Search Engine!

5. Does an SEO Consultant fit your needs?

Maybe, maybe not. I can’t tell you that without knowing more about you and the market you are competing in. Having said that, there are many businesses that need assistance with search engine optimization at the very least.

  • First, is there enough search traffic for the words (and phrases) that you are targeting to justify the effort?
  • Second, what is the value of a customer or client to your business? Are they likely to be a one time customer or return again and again as loyal buyers?
  • Third, does your business produce enough gross profit to justify the expense of hiring an SEO consultant? In other words are your margins such that it makes sense to increase your volume?

OK, in terms of orientation, that’s a good start.

As a subject, SEO is both broad and deep. It is not easily understood, and the rules change on a nearly daily basis. Anyone who works in SEO must devote a great deal of time to just keeping up with the changes.

I have provided a lot more information for you on this site, so that you have a resource written in plain English and organized in a useful way. You will notice that there are videos on this site, because we all like it, so video SEO is also important!

Now that you understand a little more about search engines and websites,

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